Because we are chefs we must spend all of our free time voraciously keeping up with the latest cooking reality show. We must eat better than the average person because we have the skill and knowledge necessary to out cook the laymen. When you ask, “What do you feel like for dinner” and the reply is oh, no need to go to any trouble I’ll just have a bowl of cereal. WHAT????? For dinner? What they don’t know is for a Chef it’s not trouble…. It’s a passion that is fulfilled when we create something delicious and see the look on their faces, as they taste it. Being a dinner guest and ending up in the kitchen helping make the sauce, gravy is not uncommon. I had a Chef in our kitchen say to me, he wouldn’t attend a Thanksgiving dinner with his friends and family unless he was cooking it.

On the other hand this can be a downfall for the “layman” when Chefs dine out and ask a million questions of the wait staff… Is the pasta made in house? What kind of mushrooms is in the soup? What’s the house cab? And a favorite of my partner’s: “Does the Chef make a special hot sauce?” To us these are valid questions, to some they invoke questions like ‘what’s the difference?’. I say this from experience as I have had plenty of perplexed reactions to my need to know the details of where things come from and how they are made.

Like any other profession the food and beverage world is made up of a diverse culture of individuals who think for themselves. Chefs need to learn that when we are asked questions the correct response is not to smile and be polite. The correct response is to be honest!