The Kitchen Terminal isn’t like yours.

We don’t have an ice maker built into the fridge, we have a ramp built into our fridge.  KitchenWe don’t have 1 oven, we have 6.  It took over 3000 sq feet of PVC pipe to inter-connect the underground maze of drains. If you listen closely you will hear the sounds of knives mincing, mixers whirring, ingredients sizzling.  Sprinkle in a dizzying array of sinks and storage,  a group of serial entrepreneurs with a passion for small business and food and thats when the magic begins.

That magic happened for a pair of like minded culinary enthusiasts, Sunita Singh and Daniella Davis,  when they got together to create The Kitchen Terminal.  Like the entrepreneurs who are excitedly lining up, these three are self professed lovers of all things food and drink, and know that some of the best foods come from new ventures into the food industry.  Creating a space for others to come together and hone their craft, seemed like the next logical step.  Together, they bring culinary knowledge, sommelier expertise, and culinary institution know how, to a relatively new branch of the gourmet industry.

Ask any of the owners, and they’ll agree, the Kitchen Terminal is more than just a commercial kitchen.  We offer a place for like minded individuals and their businesses the chance to grow, in a competitive industry where they might not have had the chance.   From inception, incubation and beyond, the Kitchen Terminal is a multi-level starting point for the many entrepreneurs that walk through our doors.   Whether that be using one of our 5 fully equipped commercial kitchens, 4 prep stations,  bake station or serving it all up in our warm and inviting event and tasting room, this kitchen definitely has it all.

kitchen3Creating a successful, food business can be quite daunting. Many artisan food businesses struggle simply because they do not have access to the amenities needed. Perhaps they simply need a space a handful of times throughout the month.  Well, just like a home business which functions all hours of the day and night, the Kitchen Terminal is never closed. We boast work spaces which are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Bookings can be scheduled as far as 60 days in advance,  and can be made for as many hours as you might need within a range of availability.  Cold storage needs? Bake station only? That can be arranged as well. Perhaps you would like to host a dinner party or a special event. Our talented team can arrange for all your needs, down to the most minute detail, we’ll bring our expertise, you bring the guests and together we will help you create a memorable experience.

Situated in the heart of the foodie scene in Redondo Beach and simply one of the most unique commercial kitchens around the LA area, the Kitchen Terminal is sure to attract some delicious attention, which I for one, cannot wait for you to taste.