The days of plating the chicken, potatoes and green beans side by side on the plate are gone. Creating color, height and dimensions with food. This is the new modern thinking that is making food not delicious but sexy. Passion and thinking outside the box is the key to creating wonderful and exciting dishes.

Using odd numbers is the way to go, even numbers don’t look right on a plate, having 3 of something creates interest.

Use a white backdrop

Food colors are very engaging so use a white backdrop to show off your culinary delight. You will see the colors pop and come alive… become more appealing

We must please our eyes, our sense of smell, texture, and touch all of which are factors that play into plating or creating our creations. Use ingredients that are in the food for garnish. If it has rosemary in its use a fresh sprig of it.

Play around with the plating, change up your plate

Another way to think outside the box is to change the plate, bowls etc. Get away from tradition, think natural, using a slate slab, a wooden board even something as fun as laying a banana leaf on a white plate for exotic foods. Plating also depends on the occasion you are cooking for. Having said all this keep in mind simplicity is always the best, showcase your fresh ingredients. Food is beautiful in all its textures and colors use that to execute and showcase your talents.