Our Team

Meet The Kitchen Terminal’s team in Redondo Beach

Daniella Davis
Daniella brings over 15 years of experience in the service industry as well as chef experience to The Kitchen Terminal. As a self-taught chef and a certified sommelier, Daniella’s passion for food and wine has been all consuming. She has worked in many aspects of the food world including working as a private chef on a yacht, a caterer and a server. She is dedicated to helping culinary entrepreneurs thrive in an organized and motivated environment at The Kitchen Terminal.

Sunita Singh
Born in Fiji and grew up in Vancouver, BC Sunita has made her home in the South Bay area. Her love of food and cooking started in her parents Kitchen in Vancouver, BC, where her dad’s passion for good food and attention to detail was ingrained in her. Over 25 years of small business  experience has provided her with skills in marketing and innovation that will not only benefit TKT but also our clients. Sunita’s enthusiasm for community and success is a definite asset to TKT.